Marvin Windows

Started as the Marvin Lumber and Cedar Company in 1912 George Marvin along with his son started a company that during the slow cold Minnesota winter was able to use scrap lumber mill wood to start forming windows.

Eventually this side project took off and turned into the Marvin Windows and Doors company that you know and love today.


I now know the history of the company, but I am looking to learn more about Marvin’s window products can you help me??

marvin windowsOf course! Marvin has three unique brands, that carry windows that can be uniquely tailored to your project.

Infinity from Marvin® is a line of replacement windows and is perfect if you are a homeowner that wants ultra low maintenance fiberglass windows.


What if I want natural wood windows??

Marvin can build the windows that are just what you were looking for… The standard high efficient Marvin line has a wide array of wood options available for your window project, including Cherry, Douglas Fir, White Oak, and even more unusual Black Walnut and Western Red Cedar.

This line is custom made to order, and if you want Energy-Star rated products Marvin has over 150,000!


I also want to know that my windows will last… What can you recommend?

The third Marvin brand Integrity from Marvin line uses an ultra durable material called Ultrex in its windows that is eight times stronger than vinyl!

Ultrex windows uses a patented finishing process which resists cracking and fading.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed as each window comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee. marvin window brands


I like what I am reading… But I would love to be able to see and feel the windows in person where can I do that??

Marvin is available at a wide variety of independent locally owned dealers. To find a dealer in your area enter your zip code on this Where to find a Marvin dealer page.

Also if you need price quotes on Marvin windows for your project visit Marvin window replacement price quotes and we will provide you with 3 quotes from local contractors in your area.


There are a lot of window brands and styles out there why should I choose Marvin??

Marvin has a long history of making quality windows and doors. They focus on energy efficiency and having a wide range of products to fit every project.

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